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2007: The Year That Columbus Started to Matter in the US

Skyline DecI know that the bulk of the readers of this blog live here in Central Ohio, but it doesn’t hurt to remind everyone that 2007 was a huge year for Columbus in terms of national news coverage.

Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted what we have when we look at everything from an insider’s perspective. So, below is a rundown of some of the praise we’ve gotten in the past year from news sources in other cities.

Surprisingly, you’ll find that these articles have little to do with OSU football, and a lot more to do with our numerous historic neighborhoods, independent arts culture, and vast array of dining options. I guess we’re not such a one-trick-pony after all.

(Oh, and a special thanks goes out to Skybus for single-handedly making roughly half of this news coverage happen in 2007.)

Short North in The New York Times [link] – The New York Times ran a travel feature titled “Columbus Cool” and gave props to quite a few stores, restaurants, and art galleries through the Short North and beyond.

The Washington Post says “Hello, Columbus” [link] – Columbus is acknowledged as a “full blown metropolis” with highlights including the Topiary Garden, the downtown farmers market, and the Columbus Zoo.

The Chicago Tribune asks “Who knew Columbus was so cool?” [link] – What starts off as a hotel review of The Lofts in the Arena District quickly becomes praise for Nationwide Arena, The Convention Center, The North Market, and more.

Columbus featured as art destination in new GQ [link] – GQ Magazine ran a feature on the great art scenes hidden in “rust belt” cities (although we’re not technically one of those) and highlighted the Wexner Center at OSU.

Columbus makes New York Post 2007 Travel Top 5 [link] – New York Post author David Landsel reports on his top five travel destinations of 2007, and they include Budapest, Ontario, Venice, New Orleans, and Columbus. Specifically he digs German Village and The North Market.

The Concord Monitor spends a day in Columbus [link] – Writer Kate Davidson gets impressed with Jeni’s Ice Cream, The North Market, Downtown, and The Franklin Park Conservatory.

The Detroit News says “Get set for a Columbus getaway” [link] – Despite the college football rivalries between states, this article encourages visitors to check out Columbus for multiple other reasons.

Columbus is 9th most affordable place to live [link] – Forbes magazine listed off the most affordable metro areas in the US, and Columbus clocked in at #9 for 2007.

Columbus: Best Place to Live for Gays & Lesbians [link] – The Advocate, a national gay magazine named Columbus as one of the best places in the country for gays and lesbians to live.

Columbus is No. 9 best city for blacks [link] – According to Black Enterprise magazine, Columbus ranks as one of the top cities in the country for blacks to live. says hello to Columbus [link] – A review of Skybus comes before a review of Columbus where the skeptical traveler finds our city to be a worthy destination.

Jeni’s Ice Creams featured in the New York Times [link] – The New York Times gives Columbus another nod through one of our finest young entrepreneurs, Jeni’s Ice Creams.

Columbus is 14th-best US city to do business in [link] – compiled a list of the best cities to do business in, and Columbus scored the 14th place spot.

New routes and cheap flights invite visitors to five great cities [link] – hops on Skybus to review Columbus and points out German Village, the Short North, COSI, and other hotspots.

Columbus is Forbes’ 19th Best City for Singles 2007 [link] – Columbus slips a few notches from the 11th place spot in 2006, but still ranks very high on the singles list. says you’ll love Columbus [link] – The Short North gets some front and center attention in this article talking up it’s galleries, nightlife, and culture.

Columbus is 19th Most Walkable City in US [link] – CNN ranked US cities in terms of walkability and place Columbus at#19, much higher than many locals might consider.

What to do with $10 flights to Columbus [link] – Another Skybus traveler hits Columbus on the cheap and comes away impressed with German Village, The Short North, and more.

Short North is 22nd Best Place to Retire in the US [link] – CNN compiled a list of hot spots for retirees and The Short North specifically made the list in 22nd place.

New Yorkers Like Columbus Comfort Food [link] – A Senior Editor for Martha Stewart blogs about the wonderful food found on a trip to Columbus.

Columbus is’s #23 Best City for YPs [link] – With only slightly different calculations than the single’s list, Forbes releases another article that places Columbus as #23 in the ranks for Young Professional attraction.

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  1. Columbusite says:

    It was about time we got some publicity. Now we just need to make it easy for visitors to get around the city and let’s face it, they’re not going to ride COTA. At least we’ll have all those kiosks so that people aren’t left scratching their heads wondering what there is to do here. And nice job on gathering all these together Walker. This shows just how much (positive) coverage our city has received.

  2. Eric says:

    Nice list Walker!

    Why hasn’t Mayor Coleman offered you a job yet? I mean, he’s busting his ass trying to sell Columbus to it’s residents (here), and here you have what could be the best sales pitch there is. If everyone else likes Columbus, isn’t it time we started liking ourselves?

  3. dru says:

    thanks for the compilation…happy new year

  4. Alvin says:

    Walker, great list! Have a Happy New Year.

  5. Jen says:

    Maybe we’re getting much deserved coverage since we are now a blue state!

  6. Walker says:

    I thought we’ve always been a purple state?

  7. Michele says:

    Wow- nicely done- thanks.

    Never understood the whole “Cow Town” description of our awesome town- I relocated here years ago and absolutely love it.

    Now what we now really need is a good public transit system! Until then, well, we’re stifled more than just a bit- but I still am going to live here regardless. (Our forefathers had it right- so sorry they ever rid themselves of the transit they once had!) Goofs!

    And I completely agree with Eric – you should be working for the city, most definately getting comped for your hard work somehow. Thanks again for all the great reads.


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